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Customize the app settings to get best user experience, You can change following settings like currency, language, appearance, notifications, bill reminder time, enable or disable overspending alerts, data backup. Also explore security settings provided by app to secure your data and privacy. Security is an important aspect for you and we understand it being a financial technology company. The app provides multi-level data and app security using custom PIN along with password. We will continue to enhance our security measures to safeguard your data and privacy and we promise to keep security as one of top items on our agenda.

  • Go to Dashboard > Menu > Settings > Currency.
  • Select your currency from the list.
Change currencyChange currency
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Can I change my language in TimelyBills.Can I change my language in TimelyBills.
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  • Currently we support following languages English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and will be adding more language in future.
  • To change your language, Please go to Dashboard > Menu > Settings > Language.
  • Select Language.
Change timezone.Change timezone.
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  • Security of your data is of utmost importance to us.
  • Data transfer is done using SSL 256-bit encryption, so nobody can read it other than you.
  • App uses double layer of security using PIN along with password protection.
  • App can be secured using a PIN and Password.
  • For adding security PIN.
  • Go to Dashboard > Menu > Settings > Security.
  • Provide security PIN.
  • Tap on Set PIN.
How to secure TimelyBills app?How to secure TimelyBills app?
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How to change security PIN?How to change security PIN?
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  • Go to Dashboard > Menu > Settings > Security.
  • Click on Edit icon.
  • Enter old PIN and new PIN.
  • Go to Dashboard > Menu > Settings > Security.
  • Tap on toggle to disable it.
  • Enter current security PIN to verify and disable it.
How to disable the security PIN?How to disable the security PIN?
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Forgot security PIN, How to get it?Forgot security PIN, How to get it?
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  • On the security PIN screen, there is a link 'Forgot PIN'
  • Click on it and security PIN will be sent to your registered email id.

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